Never say die

The resilience of founders is ultimately why I love working on startups so much.

They’re this rare breed of people that nothing can stop. They don’t know the meaning of no and they choose to plough through the craziest of hurdles.

It’s inspiring to see and watch and learn from. It’s a high bar for me to aspire to everyday.

Founders from Kansas to Atlanta and everywhere in between. Even founders in Syria and Venezuela that are focused on what every entrepreneur cares about: not what is, but what is possible. And damn. If they can make magic happen with a laptop and a wifi connection then who I am to talk about constraints?

Especially now, where I have this chance to help underrepresented founders with their applications, this “never say die” attitude is the thing the comes across in spades.

Who know where the paths of these teams will lead them. I only know that their determination is breathtaking.

And ain’t that half the battle?



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