since when was passionate enthusiasm a liability?

<p><em>&quot;So tell me, are you doing this because you're really passionate about the topic and want to change things personally, or do you think there is a big business in here?&quot;</em></p> <p>I've gotten versions of this comment in a number of conversations with potential investors lately.  The first time I encountered it, I stared across … Continue reading since when was passionate enthusiasm a liability?

ode to mentors

With Mother’s Day fast approaching there are countless articles on how mums are the best. They are in general, but when I think about my own, I think about what a great teacher she’s always been for me and all of the life lessons I’ve taken away from her.
Which led me to ponder all the people on my life that have had a profound impact on shaping the person I am today as I continue to grow and evolve. And I realized I have a lot of people to thank.
So for this Mother’s Day I would like to share about of a twist – an ode to mentors.
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