Applying to an accelerator? Don't make these mistakes.

5 thoughts on “Applying to an accelerator? Don't make these mistakes.”

  1. Thanks for writing this. I feel there is a bit of a disconnect on point #2. On your article. Right in the YC Application, right after you are asked to describe your company in 50 Characters, Right after that is says: “What is your company GOING to make?” Do you think it is meant to be a trick question? Like should they ask in stead “What have you made already that you need YC help with to make even better?”

    1. Great question. Truthfully I think a bunch of the questions are legacy questions when a strong idea and strong team but have been good enough to get in. Nowadays unless you’re in a capital intensive category (biotech or manufacturing etc) you’ll likely need proof that people need/want what you’re making which is very likely some level of launched product (might be a beta).

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